Nikola Poša

Nikola Poša

Software Architect and Open-Source Contributor

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I'm a software architect specializing in PHP driven applications and web services. I'm passionate about open-source, I wrote several libraries that I actively maintain, and I'm a contributor on few other open-source projects as well, like Zend Framework for example.

I blog on the topic of programming, I present talks related to PHP development, and I'm co-organizing annual PHP Serbia Conference.

Also, I'm a fitness junkie, I do outdor exercies, I go to the gym, all with the goal to spend my spare time in activities that do not involve coding and sitting next to a computer.

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"Da ne bude kasno"

"Da ne bude kasno"

Service for checking whether a home address in the city of Belgrade is on the electricity outage schedule for a certain day.

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